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Types of printing techniques

November 10, 2014

Types of printing techniques

Digital Printing : 

This is currently the fastest developing technology in digital printing wherein there is no need for a printing press and doesn’t require creation of a printing plate, there are two types inkjet and laser printing.
This uses graphics software such as in design or illustrator and the images are sent directly to a printer using digital files such as PDFs for printing. This is the widely used method for OnDemand printing jobs variable printing and fine art printing.




Engraving :
engraving is a technique wherein every surface is created on a paper while inking a metal die is created with an impression which is cut into the surface and filled with ink.
When the paper is pressed against, it creates raised areas which are coated with Ink.


Flexography :
flexography is used for product packaging, and it uses plastic or rubber printing plates that are flexible, to print on foil, plastic, brown paper, acetate film and all types of packaging materials.
Typical applications are milk cartons, candy wrappers, plastic bags, disposable cups and all types of paper such as envelops ,Newspapers and labels.



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